Presenting: Elixir

40 minutes

Hey everyone! This week, we bring you our latest favourite show, Elixir!

In this Prohibition-inspired fantasy, two women from opposing sides of a ban on magic unite to solve a mystery... and end up falling into forbidden love. Elsie’s sister Lou is missing. The only clue she has leads her to a Hush bar: one of the last remaining—and illegal— establishments where people consume magical elixirs. Vera’s family has made elixirs for generations at The Jaded Rose. With her father imprisoned, she is responsible for protecting their matter the cost. But as Vera helps Elsie find her sister, a temptation more potent than any elixir arises: risking it all for each other.

Written by Ellen Goodlett. Narrated by Keylor Leigh, Marin Miller, and Ava Maag.

Episode 1: The Jaded Rose

In Locq, magical Elixirs are banned. But to find her sister Lou, Elsie will brave the forbidden Hush Bars of the city...where she meets Vera.

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