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22 minutes

Hi everyone! Our live episodes, recorded right here at the Hamilton Fringe Festival, will start dropping here in a week's time (and Patreon and Fable & Folly Plus members can hear the first three episodes there already.

Meanwhile, let us introduce you to a hilarious new sci-fi comedy called Jupiter Saloon!

Jupiter Saloon — A scripted sci-fi/comedy audio drama about a dive bar in space

Jupiter Saloon is a bar sitting beneath the stormy atmosphere of Jupiter. It is a waypoint in the galaxy where all manner of folk and creatures converge to grab a stiff drink while their ships refuel. Many pay in credits, but it’s an unwritten rule that patrons can settle their tabs with a good tale. 

Chapter 1: Hektor the Vector

Series Premiere! Welcome to Jupiter Saloon, every space wanderer's favorite galactic dive bar. Joe the bartender just wants a day off, but good help is hard to find. Flynn thirsts for adventure. And Tau Neutrino, bounty hunter-for-hire, wants a cover gig for her secret mission. Then the gang plays Frag, Frak or Frappe with a mysterious stranger.

Directed by: Thierry Denis

Written by: Chris O'Keeffe

Additional material written by: Kevin Caranza

Additional material feverishly improvised by: Sean Howard

MindSight ad spot written by: Thierry Denis

Recorded by: T.H. Ponders, Thierry Denis and Chris O'Keeffe

Mix sound design by: Daniel Tureck 

Main theme song "Satellite Girls" by Love like Deloreans 

Music supervision by YouTooCanWoo.

Cowboys of Antares theme performed by Steve Lord and Chris O'Keeffe

Tau Neutrino played by Beth Gallagher

Rover played by Rachel Beck

Murray the Space Custodian and Six Geoffs played by Kevin Carranza

Meltroculon played by Sean Howard

Flynn played by Robert Guerra

Joe the Bartender played by Chris O'Keeffe

Chuzz the wet beer guy played by Thierry Denis

Hektor the Vector played by Mike Sears

Newscaster played by Jill Rogers-Jensen 

featuring Angela Lee Belleville as the shuttle voice

Executive Producers

  • Thierry Denis
  • Patrick Yurick
  • Chris O'Keeffe


  • T.H. Ponders
  • Robert Guerra
  • Lea Wülferth

Jupiter Saloon was created by Patrick Yurick and Chris O'Keeffe

Visit for more information, including cast and transcripts.

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