Presenting: StarTripper!!

23 minutes

Feston Pyxis, native of the bureaucracy planet Lorvin, has left it all behind! He’s said his goodbyes, he’s sold all his B-movie memorabilia, and he’s bought a Physiclast QCS-25 K-series ship, known to the wise as a “StarTripper.” Together with the onboard assistant Proxy, Feston’s looking for any and every good time there is to be had across the stars!

StarTripper!! Season 2, Episode 3: Drifting Like Spores

Inside the floating hulk of a Kor'tess research vessel, Feston and Serena find their bravery tested like never before.

Produced by Julian Mundy, Mischa Stanton & Ian McQuown

Story by Julian Mundy

Written & directed by Ian McQuown

Sound design by Mischa Stanton

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