Presenting: The Amelia Project (with crossover sketch!)

28 minutes

Beatrix leads Bob and Bartholomew to a strange booth she found in the wilderness.

It's time to introduce you to one of our favourite shows: The Amelia Project! Recently our cast gathered to record a "short intro" that turned into a full-on mini-crossover. You'll hear that scene here along with Episode 17 of TAP, "Bartholomew BEEP-face Chucklepants Knucklecracker" (no relation!).

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With Kristi Boulton, Michael Divinski, Phil Johnston and Sean Howard – plus Julia Morizawa as the voice on the phone.

The Amelia Project

Episode 17 - Bartholomew BEEP-face Chucklepants Knucklecracker

“At Amelia we’ve always wanted to get into politics.”

With: Alan Burgon, Felix Trench, Benjamin Noble, Torgny G. Aanderaa, Gemma Arrowsmith and Julia Morizawa.

Written by Philip Thorne.

Directed by Philip Thorne and Oystein U. Brager.

Music and sound design by Fredrik S. Baden.

For full credits see our website.

Congratulations. You’ve reached the content warning. The Amelia Project is about death, mishaps, mayhem and misfortune. And cocoa. If you’re not comfortable with this, stop listening. Now.

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